Friday, 26 August 2011

Chairman's Message

Some call it a temple. Some chose to call it the abode of saints who heal. To some, it's a last chance of survival. But to no one, is this just a hospital. The rich come here for the best care in town. The poor come here for the kindest care, for no one here is turned away for lack of funds. Kulwanti, where quality healthcare is provided to patients at an affordable cost.

Kulwanti Hospitals offers the best technical facilities along with clinical research, education and training. Kulwanti brings together the state-of-the-art infrastructure; cutting edge technology; a highly integrated and comprehensive information system to provide accessible and affordable healthcare.

Shri Mahesh Kr. Bhatia

Kulwanti Hospitals


The hospital project was initiated in 1987 by Lt. Shri. Neb Raj Bhatia as a super speciality charitable hospital under the trust of Smt. Kulwanti Bhatia Charitable Trust Society with the mission of offering quality healthcare at affordable rates to the masses.

Shri Neb Raj Bhatia was born in 1927 in a middle class family. He was the first member in his family & worked as a engineer in construction company, due to lack of medical facilities in town her better half died, that moment decided to built a healthcare centre with state of art infrastructure.
With great passion Shri Neb Raj Bhatia built a substantial portion of the hospital building. Sadly his dream was cut short by fate due to his health; leaving a dream unfulfilled and unfinished.

The management was taken by his son Mr. Mahesh Kumar Bhatia, who graciously took over this project and developed it into one of the most modern and state-of-the-art multi-specialty hospitals; naming the institution as – Kulwanti Hospitals & Research Centre.

In honor of the initiator, the hospital's Medical Convention Centre has been aptly dedicated to the memory of Shri Neb Raj Bhatia & Smt. Kulwanti Bhatia.

Kulwanti Hospitals

About Kulwanti Hospitals

Kulwanti Hospitals serving medical needs since 1990 has emerged as a premier healthcare institution providing quality care to each and ever patient & to all selection all the society. Multi storied centrally air conditioned 100 bedded hospital, with each floor been assigned for different functions to perform along with an individual nursing station for quality services to the patients & convenience for the doctors.

The hospital has a dedicated team of consultant doctors of national & international repute, resident doctors, paramedical, nursing & other supporting staff working round the clock for delivering compassionate care & safety.

Kulwanti Hospitals